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CraftiMetals. Offering the UK's biggest and best range of metal items for you to craft on.

CraftiMetals is a trading arm of Subli Metals Ltd. We design and manufacture blank metal items, from bookmarks to clocks, signs to door plaques. Our coated aluminium is a fabulous surface to craft on – light but sturdy, and gives fantastic results.

We pride ourselves on innovation, knowledge and help – showing you how to use our products, with superb service, backed by a simple 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Sample Policy

We add sample packs of new, updated, promotional, special offer or trial products to your orders as a matter of course! Please follow the link to find out more ...

Shortage, damage or incorrect order Notification

Please use this form to let us know of any issues with your order, to access our 100% satisfaction Guarantee

Delivery and Pricing Information

On this site, we have no minimum order, our carriage is flat rate 24 hour courier for only £5.94 and we offer CARRIAGE PAID shipping on orders over £114

Share to Win Policy

If you email us examples of our metal that you have crafted on and allow us to share them to other customers we will send you a £10 money off coupon!